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Nowadays taking a bag has become more and more popular. On one hand, it can decorate a person so that a man can look more graceful and a woman can look more noble. On the other hand, with a bag, our pockets will not be heavy and full. We can put our things such as the mobile phone, the wallet and so on into it. Besides, some women may put their mirrors and cosmetics into it for convinience.
Now that we use the bag, we should take some actions to maintain it. Thus, I¡¯d like to share my experience about maintaining the cortical bag.
Firstly, we can use the shoeshine to smear the new bag. When the shoeshine permeates in, we can use a piece of softcloth to wipe the bag. This step is very significant because the maintaining in the future is based on this step.
Secondly, when the cortical bag is used, it will become dirty, therefore, we should do something to deal with it. For example, we can use the wet softcloth to wipe the bag lightly. Then we can use an eraser to wipe the place that has been stained. This method is quite valid.
Thirdly, the rreabi should be kept away from the water for the reason that the water can make the rreabi become harder. Otherwise, the oil can infilter into the rreabi, which can not be cleaned, therefore, the rreabi must avoide touching the oil. In addition, the cortical bag can be scratched easily by some sharp things so it should be kept away from the chemical agent. Besides, we should not put too much things into the bag in order to avoid being out of shape.
Fourthly, before storing the bag up, we should use the shoeshine to maintain it again after cleaning it. Then we can use some newspaper to encase the bag and put it in some places that are not wet. At the same time, while encasing the bag, we should be careful so that it will not be out of shape.
All in all, a bag is very important to our lives, we should do our best to maintain it just like taking good care of oueselves.

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