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off The Lessons That Watch Told Me

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When I was 20, I could never expect I can sit on the CEO chair of an international group after 20 years. But all these big changes happened since an Omega watch. When you read this you won’t believe that a person’s life could be changed by a watch. But actually it is ture and I learned many things from it, which became the start of my future successful business career.

I grew up in a poor family. I didn’t have enough money to attend the university so I chose to work outside at an early age. As you know in the US you can not find a good job without an undergraduate degree. But I also could not bear the low pay and heavy works every day. So I jumped ship very often. I was a mailman, the truck-dirver, waiter in the diner, doorman in the 5-star hotel and so on. And finally as you know I could not be the best in either of these field. What’s more that I just accumulate  little cash, which cost me 2 years. I was 22 years old at that time and didn’t know which road I should go. I started to regret not to attend the university and complaint about my background. Even I argued with my parents for several times. But I knew this could not help at all just hurting their feelings. Slowly I started to hang out with some bad boys in my town. I often got drunk at middle-night and sometimes stole things from the nearby shops. Because of this I was put in jail for another 2 years. My parents and my little sister thought I can not be saved. I felt guilty and helpless. I began to worry after I step out of the prison what I could make for living?

On May 5th,1994 I got be freed finally. After getting back home and having dinner with my parents, I started to think about my future: what kind of life I would take? I wandered in the town and got to a church. I sat in the front bench facing the christ stature. A father came over. It seemed that he knew my problems : ” child, do you have some trouble? ” I told him my thought , my experience.

The father gave me an Omega watch and said: ” Omega watch is the best watch in the world. If you keep it , the God will bless on you. Time is the most precious resource we can not waste even every minute. Omega stand for the dignity. No matter what you will do in the future, you should always remember try your best to do the right things in your short life-time and keep your dignity first ” I took the watch and remembered the message he told me .

From that time on I began to focus my energy on the field I want to enter. 5 years later I had my first company , 15 years later this company had become an international group . But I always remember the lessons that Omega watch told me ” never waste your time and never lose your dignity! “

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