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off Four Types of Watch Straps-Which One Suits You Best

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When we talk about watch, the watch band is an important element we should consider. The watch band decides not only how good it looks on your wrist, but also how comfortable it rests on your skin. So when we purchase a watch, we¡¯d better look for a watch with the kind of band that most suits you.

Mainly there are metal watch strap, leather strap, nylon strap and resin strap, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Metal strap is commonly seen. It is stainless steel for it must be waterproof. The metal strap is easy to maintain and has a long service life for it¡¯s hard to break. But its drawbacks are that it¡¯s heavy and maybe too cold to wear in the winter. Also people with sensitive skin should stay away from it.

Leather strap is also a common type. Here the leather can be calf leather, crocodile skin, emu skin, lizard skin and etc. Leather strap can indicate the wearer¡¯s good taste and excellent judgment. However it can easily absorb sweat and become smeared, so it¡¯s better off to be kept away in the summer. It needs special care and maintenance.

Nylon strap is the most casual and mostly seen on young people. It can go with your casual clothes and above all, it feels quite comfortable on your wrist. For all its advantages, it maybe has a shorter lifetime compared with the aforesaid straps.

Resin strap is very comfortable to wear and is also fashionable-looking. But like leather strap, it will absorb sweat, so its color can easily fade away especially for thus low-quality ones. It¡¯s unsuitable to be in environment with high temperature or too low temperature.

So we can see every kind of strap has its advantages and disadvantages and not suitable for every person and every season. After discussing there four types of strap, you will probably have a clearer idea which one suits your needs best.

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