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off A Brief History of Movado Watches

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Most people have heard of Movado watches or have already owned one, but few people know the history behind the brand. Now let’s take a look at the enriching history of the iconic watch brand.

The history of Movado watches can be traced back to more than a century ago when it was created by a young man named Achille Ditesheim in Switzerland. Bearing innovation and creativity in mind, Achille set up the Movado company with strong commitment to high quality mechanisms and a focus on design.

In 1910, the brand reached its momentum in watchmaking by obtaining the Grand Prize in the Paris exhibition. Apart from this, the brand also wins a lot of adulations and awards for their innovative ideas and great contribution to the watchmaking industry.

The Movado designs are timeless, yet it did not take long for the creative designs that attract buyers to jam the showrooms. With a protected watch face and the signature Movado style, Movado soldier’s watch is one of the most prominent timepieces that created by the iconic brand, and these watches are quickly snapped up since their launch into the market.

During its long course of watchmaking, Movado has won a string of patents and designs with innovative ideas. Speaking of the signature Movado watch style, the unique sundial look of the Museum Watch design would first come into most people’s mind. Characterized by a golden spot positioned at 12 o’clock, the modern style is timeless and unique. The distinguish Movado design has been asserted so prominent that alternatives being consisted in the Museum of Modern art in New York.

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