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It is the Coutout goldtone zinc alloy bangle bracelet. Seeing it in the first sight makes me fall in love with it. It is elegant. I like the golden colour of it. Though it is alloy. It looks like gold. In the spaces, it is inlayed with Clear Rhinestones Accent. Sometimes I wear it to the party and attracted many eyes. Under the lights, it shines. I like it because it has an internal power to catch people’s attention. It’s not you discover it first. Instead, its spark makes it overpowering. Having got it, I don’t have to deliberately impress others but stand out easily. More importantly, it is not only elegant but also qualified. Its high quality makes me become even more obsessed with it. Though it is a little bit expensive, it is worthy of that price.

It is geniusly designed. I believe the designer is inspired with god’s spirit. That is why I found it is so attractive. It utilizes the materials in the best way. It makes the upper side so big and the lower side so small and thin. That is genius because we always see the upper side of it. Making the lower side simple cuts the cost and concentrates the essence. When I wear it to go shopping, many people turn back their heads to have a look of it. Nobody can stand that much of attraction. I want to be outstanding. I want to stand out from the crowd and be different. It helps me to acheive that. The golden zinc alloy makes it very elegant and striking too. It is also endurable. It is stable, not easy to be twisted. Being so beautiful and high-qualified, it is worthy of that much of money. I truly reccomend this one for you.

It is a cute and exquisite blue enamel bangle. I love the floral pattern in the surface of it. It symbolizes chastity in my view. I like flowers. The bracelet can give me a sight of it. In material, it is goldtone zinc alloy. It is thicker than normal ones. That makes it more endurable than others. That is a prerequisite for me to purchase something. It applies my need just right. It is also water;resistant. The floral pattern will not be removed over time. I like the many colours it has. Single colour makes me feel boring. Colourful things are more attractive to me. Others may not like it because everyone has his cup of tea. To be sure, I like this kind of bracelet. All I want to add is that it is geniusly designed. Thankfully, I can afford that much of money. I love it so much.

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