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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31 when activities including trick-or-treating, ghost, bonfires and costume parties take place. Rumors have it that in Halloween the boundary between the alive and deceased disappeared. So people wear varies of costumes in an effort to confuse the evil ghosts and ensure their own safety. Nowadays people use it as a platform to show themselves. Just have a look at what they wear in Halloween:
Batman is a hero who is ready to fight all crimes and vices in his city. Based on interpretations of the comic books, movies or even television shows, the adult batgirl costume really takes our breath away.With a bat mask on, the girl keeps her secret identity which gives an air of mystery. The dress starts with a black cape which is worn by most heroes. Decorated with bright yellow vinyl belt and matching gloves, the batgirl dress shows your willingness to fight to the end.
Vampire dairy is such a hit lately. It is always a popular choice with your scary makeup and frighteningly killer grin. To be a vampire does not necessarily mean that you don’t look like a queen. This elegant lady dresses in a gown of renaissance style. The cape with cap covers most part of her body. The front of the dress has an antique jewelry. You can make it more vampire like with bleeding teeth and more royal with a crown.


Forrest Gump’ mother once said” life is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you will get from it”. Here life is like a box of dolls and baby. This costume is very creative invention. Grab a cardboard box and paint whatever you are fond of. And this unique costume is simple to make and environmental friendly.


There are many breathtaking costumes designed every year. If you are interested, you can design a costume to wear in Halloween.

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