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off Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 — No Signal Problem with New Antenna Design

Verizon has released the CDMA iPhone 4 on 11th, Jan 2011. Although it is almost no more differences from the GSM iPhone 4 on its appearance and function, we still find some lightspots of this version CDMA iPhone 4 from media’s probation after the conference.

Personal Hotspot: Actually it is the expansion of original network sharing. It now allows you connect the network on iPhone 3G via Bluetooth and USB port, also it supports the network sharing for 5 devices at least via WiFi. This option has been transferred in the top of CDMA iPhone 4’s setting menu.

Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 1

It is said that Apple will possibly update the iOS 4.3 to support this feature on GSM iPhone. But this option should be approved by the local network operators. For instance, the AT&T version iPhone didn’t support network sharing. In addition, we learned from media that Version may have extra charge on this feature.

Antenna Design: The split line on the metal frame are transferred from the original three points on GSM version (bottom left, bottom right and top) to the symmetrical four points. (See the picture below) In order to match the split line on the upper left, the mute switch has been changed slightly. According to media’s probation, the CDMA version iPhone 4’s prototype have no signals problem.

Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 2

iOS 4.2.5: The operating system of CDMA iPhone 4 prototype is iOS 4.2.5(build 8E128), which is also different fron GSM iPhone iOS 4.2.1. But we are not sure whether it will upgrade when officially released in next month.

Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 3

Protector & Bumpers: The position of CDMA iPhone 4’s mute switch has a slight difference with GSM iPhone 4 because of the new antenna design, so that large numbers of existing iPhone 4 protecor and bumpers are unable to be used on CDMA iPhone 4.

SIM slot: Version iPhone 4 doesn’t offer SIM slot as the same as other CDMA version from United States. But Apple may release the CDMA iPhone with changeable SIM card by cooperating with other countries’ CDMA operators.

Audio Data Synchronism: Version iPhone 4 still doesn’t support data communication when you are making a call. The COO of Apple Tim Cook said that it is the compromise as if CDMA users want to get iPhone.

White iPhone 4 Say goodbye: With CDMA iPhone 4’s comimg, the iPhone page of Apple’s official website has been updated. It is noteworthy that the white version iPhone 4’s photos have been completely removed in this update. Apple said that the white iPhone 4 would be released in the spring of 2011 long before, but it may have been completely abandoned according to the gossip.

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