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off Uncover the Secrets of Why Ladies always Like Taking along Handbags with them

Do you know why ladies always like taking along handbags with them wherever they go and whenever they go out ? Perhaps gentlemen will say that they are fond of  decorationg themselves with all kinds of  things that will show their personality and mostly provide convenience for them. On the contrary, recent study of English psychologists demonstrate that the truth is all sorts of handbags will bring and enhance  their self confidence. Fell surprised? Now let’s  look at their analysis.

Primarily,  handbags can bring them the feel of  safty. Their love of  handbags justly embodiers  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the basic need of safty.  Especially in public places, handbags can ease their  inner depression, pressure and tension.

Handbags, in some sense, are their  saviour and can make them much more perfect.  In fact, they care their perfection anytime and anywhere.

Handbagd, in outer shape,  can show their lifestyle and charming.  Handbags are not only the best decorations of  clothes but also some change of their mood.  Gentlemen often see the craze when ladies pick up handbags in all kinds of stores, no matter of  their size and their location. The moment when they finally decide to buy that handbag is some kind of excitement, relief and relax.

But you should notice that handbags will let out the privacy of their owners. Ladies who love big handbags are hard on the outside but soft in inside and they hope carrying big handbags  will give others the feeling of  independence . Conversely, ladies who love little ones are possibly lack of  indepence and they are  nervous and streaky about everything and they will be at ease when everything is under their control.

Of course, there are a few women who don’t like to take bread, or other  trifling thing such as mobile phone, wallet etc tucked in pocket. This kind of women generally is “a strong woman”. Their inner hold the willingness of  freedom and liberation in  strong desire. They are in great desire to hope to achieve parity with men and at the same time feel obliged to draw clear lines with feminish things such as handbags.

Surely, because of space and study limition, the above  reasons are not fit for every ladies. So, if you have any other answers, contact with me in my blog or commuicate with me privately by e-mails.


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