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off Tips For Maintaining Your Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones have become an integral parcel of our daily life and you cannot imagine yourself stepping out of your home without taking your phone along.
Thus, it becomes utmost important to maintain your phone well, especially when you have just bought a brand new expensive phone that you simply adore.
Then, here are some guidance tips for users to keep their phones in superior condition.
Battery Care:
Knowing which type of battery your phone uses will make recharging of the batteries easy. There are a host of batteries which we can simply divide them into two groups according to the storage or capacity. One is easily affordable with ‘memory effect’ and the other is expensive and less affected.
The mobile phone batteries should be charged for only three or four hours. Over charging will damage it.
To prolong the life of your batteries and not keep replacing them often, your phones should be designed in the ringing mode. While in vibration mode for a long time, the battery will drain faster. It’s the same with Bluetooth, infrared, GPS and WIFI. So avoid playing games, listening to music or browsing the Internet incessantly.
Too hot or too cold circumstance will also harm the battery and remember to keep your phone in a dry place and under normal temperatures.
When your phone is not being used, it is better to take out the batteries and keep them uncharged in a cool and dry place.
Phone care:
We use mobile phones everyday but we usually miss that phones are delicate and prone to scratches and dust. Thus, cleaning your mobile phone is equally important as taking a bath and you can just wipe it with a soft cloth daily. To prevent your phones from breaking even if it accidentally falls down, you can also use a plastic case to store the mobile or keep them inside a cover. And don’t forget to keep it away from water or you will send it to repair.
If you have a digital phone such as a Blackberry or an iPhone, you need to be extreme careful. This kind of mobiles is easy to get attracted by harmful viruses while you surf the Internet. In this circumstance an anti-virus to safeguard your mobile is essential and make sure you have suited one installed in your phones.

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