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off The Rolex Watches in History

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Rolex watches are manufactured by a Swiss company and they fall under the category of luxury wrist watches. The watch brand always makes it to the top 100 list of valuable brands found worldwide. The company is said to produce about 2,000 of the luxury time devices on a daily basis.
The company produced the first watches to automatically change dates in 1945, known as the Rolex Datejust. The Rolex watches Day-Date models followed suit to become the first watches with the ability to adjust date and day readings automatically. The company produced the first water proof watch cases in 1953 known as the Oyster Perpetual models and can withstand up to 100 meters/ 330 feet of submersion. In 1954 the company achieved yet another innovation by coming up with the GMT Master models which could reflect 2 time zones at the same instance. The company similarly earned the first Chronometer certification given to a wrist watch manufacturing company.

The company participated in the formulation of the initial quartz watch functions during 1968. The process saw 16 Swiss time device manufacturers work together to formulate the quartz Beta 21 movement. The company utilized the movement in their Quartz date 5100 model. The company also came up with the 5035-5055 movement referred to as the clean slate movement and used it to power their Oysterquartz models.
The company is known to produce watches custom made for specific uses for instance aviation, deep sea diving and mountain climbing. Rolex watches sports models include the Submariner and the Oyster Perpetual Date Sea Dweller; which integrates a helium valve release within the device. Explores, navigating through tough terrains, got custom watches made for them by Rolex watches; named The Explorer and the later developed Explorer II. Pan Am Airways consigned the GMT Master devised by the watch company to help their pilots keep time when crossing several time zones on the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Recently the watch manufacturing company has integrated ceramic bezels into their range of sports watches including the Submariner, GMT Master II and the Sea Dweller models. The use of ceramic bezel has resulted in the creation of scratch resistant watches and the devices are also UV-light resistant. Rolex watches produces three major lines; Oyster Perpetual, Cellini and Professional lines. The Cellini lines are made up of time devices which can be paired with ‘dressy’ outfits. The company also produces custom designs for men and women as well as unisex models.

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