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The most unique Christmas gift ever?

When I and my boyfriend began dating 2 years ago, he usually sent some great jewellery gifts to me. One St Valentine’s Day, he even spoiled me by gifting me a platinum bracelet and a sapphire ring. His gifts made me expect something equally wonderful the next St Valentine’s Day.

Finally, the exciting day arrived. I eagerly opened the special box! You can imagine how I felt disappointed when I discovered that there were just stones, gold-plated wire, a lot of tools and a set of DVDS in the box.

“What are they?” I asked.

“It is an interesting wire sculpting kit. Because I know that you love jewellery, I think you must want to make jewellery by yourself.”

In fact, I am not into handicraft. So I didn’t say anything and just closed the box. I felt very disappointed. My eyes were filled with tears. I didn’t say anything to my boyfriend that night. My boyfriend felt terrible because I didn’t love his gift. I also felt terrible because I was behaving badly without gratitude. I put the box under my bed and ignored it.

However, I was bitten by the bug.

I never know what urged me to do it. I eagerly took out the box and looked at again after six months. There were cameos and pictures of wire wrapped and looped into various types and shapes of jewellery. I found these things were very interesting. And I wondered what I could do with these things. I watched the DVDS for several times to learn about the wire gauge.

What is gauge? It refers to the thickness of a wire. The lower the number gauge, the bigger the wire. That is to say, 25 gauge wire is thicker than 30 gauge. And wires with lower gauge are more appropriate for intense manipulation. Wires with higher gauge are easier to break if twisted or bent a lot. This is what I learnt from the DVDs. So far as the practical wire-wrapping techniques were concerned, I didn’t get much from the DVDs.

My first few attempts were horrible. But I got more skilful through practice. However, I found that I didn’t love the exquisitely-styled wire wrapping. I prefer the simple designs. And there came a point when I used up all the stones, wires and beads. So I went to the local stores to buy some. I found a lot of crystal beads with different sizes, colours and shapes. I decided not to follow the wire sculpture and begin to create my own simple beaded jewellery.

In fact, it is not difficult.

When you start beading, I recommend thin wires of 22 gauge or 20. That’s because some beads have very small holes. Wires thicker than that would not be suitable. Now let me show you how to make a bracelet by yourself.

The things you need:

1. A pair of needle-nosed or flat pliers – it will be used to wrap the wire around the end of its clasp. And I find that the needle-nosed pliers allow more precision.

2. Clasps – I prefer magnet ones. But there is one thing you must remember – keeping the magnet side away from the wire.

3. Wires – I recommend 22 gauge or 20. You will need not less than 9 inches.

4. Beads – there are many kinds of beads such as crystal, plastic and stones. You can choose whatever you like. You can design by yourself.

What you need to do:

1. Think out a bead pattern for you bracelet.

2. Use wire cutters to cut off a length of wire.

3. Use your pliers to make a clasp.

4. String the beads according to your design.

5. After you have strung the last bead, use the pliers again to loop the end of the wire around the unattached end of the clasp. Don’t forget to use your pliers to flatten the loop.

6. Put your bracelet on your arm.

Now, you have made a simple bracelet by yourself. Is it very easy? If you have never made beaded jewellery by yourself, take your time to have a try. You will find that it is really very interesting.


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