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Pearl, whose beauty is radically different from other jewelries, very noble magnificent, is a gem mainly for women. Someone even says,without pearl for yourself, you could not be a real woman.” This extreme saying can be considered as commentary on a household title “gem queen” of pearl.

Do you know some characteristics of Pearl? As matter of fact, pearl has a lot of shortcomings: first of all, its degree of hardness is too low, only about 3.5., far lower than the glass. Therefore, it is easy to be scratched by hard objects, like iron and glass, and to wear its luster away by dust. Additionally, pearl consists of an unstable mineral, aragonite, which tends to automatically change into another kind of mineral, calcite. By contrast, the diamond, ruby and sapphire have especially stable properties; theoretically, they won’t change even though they have existed for tens of thousands of years. When the change happens on pearl inside, it will yellowing and loses its beautiful luster, of course, this process is irreversible. That’s the saying “men grow old, pearl grow yellow.” For instance, jade and gems, with a long history of thousands of years, can be completely retained until now, while pearl is hard to see from thousands of years ago. This may be related to a fact that the change of aragonite into calcite causes some damages.

The main composition of pearl is calcium carbonate, exactly the same as white marble and marble. The chemical properties of calcium carbonate are so unstable, easily soluble in acid that it is easy to suffer from corrosion. Meanwhile, it is inappropriate to contact cosmetics, grease, alcohol gasoline, sauce, vinegar, non-ferrous color and human sweat, because they may corrode the surface of the pearl so that it loses its luster.

Last but not least, pearl, stands for health and longevity, has an important medical value. For persons who work long in their office, wearing pearl jewelry can relieve muscle fatigue and remove mental tension. That’s why lots of cosmetics contain pearl powder.


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