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off Legendary Elizabeth Taylor: Classical Hats Stories

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As a famous and beautiful actress, Elizabeth Taylor left great memories to us. Although she had passed away, we will also remember her forever. It is known to all that she is a jewelry lover, but expecting for the luxury jewelry, some funky and extraordinary hats are also her favorite.

Floral Hat
As a special accessory, this hat is regarded as the best and the most attractive one for Elizabeth. She became more eye-catching that day completely because of this floral hat. It is said that this hat is made of a lot of fresh flowers. Besides, Swarovski crystals are also the major materials. And I have to say, this is the perfect combination of flowers and jewelry. She seems so graceful as if a fairy.

Fur Hat
Compared with the first hat, this design is so simple. As we all know, Elizabeth is a genius in wearing, look at this white and black fur hat, we know that this season is the cold winter. Matching with the fur scarf, she is so special and elegant in the crowd.

Cowboy Hat
In her later years, cowboy hats had become her necessary when going out. With wearing this blue cowboy hat, she seems quite sunny; especially match with the bright yellow colored coat. This is another life attitude which passes us some positive and fashionable information. Although the unique accessory of the cowboy hat may be the gold chain, it can help her to become more funky and eye-catching.

Straw Hat
Of course, the sunbonnet will become the best and useful thing for everyone in hot summer. Look at this pink sunbonnet, how beautiful it is. It seems that she is on the beach; and she looks extremely pretty and pure.

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