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off How to Select Video Console?

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Before knowing how to select a right video console, we should first grasp the related history as well as development of the electronic item. Not long ago, PS3 and Wii introduced by Sony and Nintendo respectively, in purpose of competing with Xbox 360 which has been in dominant position in the market, became the hot topic in various media. Since the development of Atari 2600 and similar models have reached the peak, people are able to play games at home freely.

In addition, over some years, some video console manufactures have replaced some other rivals, finally taking a leading role in the market. In the past, Atari, Intellivision and Sega enjoyed the limelight for the hardware market of the product but people now prefer Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. The development of both family video consoles and portable ones can offer enough evidence.
From the description above, it is no doubt that people had better select models from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft which have gained great reputation in quality, price and service. Apart from manufactures selection, consumers are also advised to pay attention to other details when purchasing the item for entertainment. First, buyers should check whether the number labeled at the battery or at the lower side of the model is coincidence with the number printed on the packing box. If they are not the same, it is not wise to buy the model. Second, people need to inspect the exterior package. If the seal is found, the model ought to be ignored. Third, the screen of video console is very important.

Naturally, buyers should pay much attention to it. If some bright spots appear on the screen, the model is in inferior quality. When buying the item, consumers need to try the screen several times until they are sure that there are not light spots at all. Fourth, the body and keys of the products should be carefully checked to avoid being cheated. After all, some sellers sell second-hand products as new ones. Fifth, people should inspect the elasticity of keys then you can know whether they are durable.

Sixth, buyers ought to check whether there are classic games set in the model. Seventh, as a kind of portable electric product, the model should provide more than 10 hours’ video. If the user is playing games, the power is off. That is quite disappointing. Eighth, additional functions of the product can not be ignored, for example, buyers should check the camera function. Finally, people can not ignore some special function, for example, TV recording can be realized by AV-IN function.

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