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off For My Perfect Wedding Dress

The story between this dress and me was a tale of love at first sight. The first time I saw it, a sound haunted me that this was exactly my dream wedding dress.


I was so intoxicated in the ambience of a princess wearing this A-line dress. The delicate texture, combined with elegant ruffles and classical appliqués, gave me an odor of adorably mysterious smell.


When I was wearing this in front of the mirror, I was beyond words. Maybe it was possible that I had become the most beautiful bride. And I was so happy to realize that I was going to marry the guy I love in the most beautiful way.


Why I chose this as my wedding dress in the first place was that it could present the elegant and noble disposition, and at the same time, a thread of cute and naughty temperament as well. In addition, it broke the routine that the wedding dress should be snow white. Light brown, as just as I thought, highlighted my oriental skin color, made me look more energetic, and rendered a more solemn and sacred atmosphere.


It let me have, at one of the most important moment of my life, enough vanity that I covet and the focus and the glory that I’ll never forget forever.


All of my friends and guests in the ceremony spoke highly of my wedding dress. They thought it was the gift from the God to send me the best wishes. Lily, a friend of mine, even decided to borrow it on her big day, and in response, I advised her to lose weight.


All I want to do is to thank this magic dress for forging a perfect bride, so that this perfect bride could carry this contentment and happiness into the rest of her life, hand in hand with her forever love.


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