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off Come On! Let’s Seize A Glimpse Of The Animal World!

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What does the word” luxury watch” represent? Exquisite design? Originality? Costly material? Scarceness? Well, most people are inclined to agree that luxury watch is the blend of all these aspects. Whatever the standard is, one thing is certain: it should reflect the owner’s outstanding character and unique taste. But does this kind of watch really exist? The answer is I will introduce you Chopard watch’s newly released ”Animal World” series. Let’s see what make it so qualified to be a real “luxury watch”.

1 Exquisite design and costly material
As what we’ve expected, the series has inherited Chopard watch’s consistent extravagant design: the bezel is decorated with 35 pieces of illuminating diamonds(weight:3.5carat); the watch case is made of 18k rose gold; if we look into the frame, the panda motif is also a mix of black diamond and platinum all the gems radiate the ever-lasting and brilliant beauty of the watch.
2 Next-to-none originality and adventurous taste.

As far as I know, there has never been a watch using nature to showcase its pristine beauty, so I cannot help but to admire the designer’s ingenuity and creativity. The centre of watch spindle turned into a lively animal charm. Look at the frisky monkey hanging on a tree branch!the monkey reaches out its long arms for the peaches(made of 3 pieces of round diamond) and is ready for a tasty feast. See the cute polar bear? it is playing balls(made of movable round-shaped diamond) on the ice ! The watch is nothing but a perfect combination of the nature and art and it just encase the colorful animal world into a small dial plate. What a joyous glimpse of mother nature and a lovely encounter of the human and the wildlife!No wonder that people with a adventurous spirit would be allured to its feral beauty!
3 Scarceness

According to Chopard, the series is intended for its 150 anniversary and only 25 pieces (each style) will be released around the world! If it is the very watch you’ve ever dreamed of, don’t hesitate to rush into one of Chopard’s franchised store and get one before it’s taken by someone else!

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