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off Cell Phone Maintaining Is Originally So Easy

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For the past decade or so especially since we entered into the information era, cell phones have turned into our everyday must accompanying us to working places though just for a short period of time during which we can browse the latest i – news conveniently, listen to the radio through the high – tech bluetooth headset with our eyes closed for a break, or just play the mobile games as we wish on the bus; and to return home after a hard day’;s work with pieces of relaxing music on. Perhaps we still have not realize the importance of them for we mostly treat them as tools to pass the time, however, we can’;t do without them actually. We, as it were, are primitives without them for they have gradually become the sole way of gaining information for not a few people particularly the young. Accordingly, we should well maintain our handsets not only because most of them are a little bit costly but also because better maintaining can bring us better life. Then, how should we maintain our mobile phones?

First, let’;s start from a cell phone’;s outward appearance which acts as one of its vital parts. We have long been distressed about the screen’;s being scratched up. Most of the time we place the handset in the trouser pocket where the keys may exist as well, and the mobile screen is hard to avoid being scratched up by the keys. So we’;d better keep the cell phone separate from the keys. This, however, is not the ultimate solution to the problem. What we really need to do is to stick a protection film on the screen, which not only won’;t cost you much but also can thoroughly solve the problem. Moreover, as time goes by, the touch – screen cell phones are likely to displace the traditional ones. In this case, the protection film must become more and more indispensable with the increase of the touch screen’;s frequency of utilization. Similarly, we can use leather case for cell phone to add a suit of “;protective clothes”; to it, which can reduce its case’;s wear and tear to a certain extent for long service life.

Second, we should try our best to protect our mobile phones from water, the wrost enemy of electronic products. However, once your handset falls into the water accidentally, pick it up and remove the battery right away to prevent the interior circuit from short circuits. After that, most “;experts”; think that to dry the handset with a hair drier is the most effective way, far from it, for excessive heat from the drier will do harm to the interior circuit mostly consists of plastic electronic parts and components. And what we should do is to put it in a dry and well – ventilate place for a couple of weeks. If you can’;t switch it on by then, you’;d better send it in for repair. Of course, not everyone is so careless as to drop the cellphone into the water; nevertheless, to know more is helpful when we are caught in the same situation. By the way, I want to remind you that to put your cellphone in the overheated or supercooled places is also no good for yours.

Actually, even if protective measures have been done perfectly, to ensure 100 percent security is impossible; and it all hinges on whether you are scrupulous when you are using your cellphone and whether you are protective towards yours heart and soul; and if not, any protective measure is in vain.

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