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off Bright And Fresh–Marc Jacobs New Fashion

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Looking at Marc Jacobss new fashion show, we can find that even there are few new ideas; he can still bring us some surprises as usual. In fact, a sense of optimism was injected into its new spring styles. The reason why they did this is that they are affected by the fanaticism of 1970s. So we can find many vintage designs, for example, the bag weaved by vegetable fibre can be attracted. Also, there are many different bright colors in the new ones, it can commendably stand for youth and imagination.

In addition, the continued fresh and pure idea can be found in the early spring series. One named Palm Beach which wed like to call it the daughter of sea more often, give young girls more space to choose. Because it takes shelly latch and decorated surface wiring as the obvious symbol. Then it will provide girls with graceful and interesting handbags.An alete sense of decoration must be the most attracted point of the Palm Beach series. Each bag seems compact and low-pitched, but as a while it looks like so gorgeous. Besides the shining shelly latch, the contrasting colors also created an interesting visual effect. Black bag combined with lemon yellow binding, adding azury shells, the sense of heaviness cant be found any more. And ivory, black and pure white are become one entirety, you must feel more luxuriant with the golden handle made wrapped by raffia fibre.

If you prefer other material, expect Palm Beach, another one named Southern Beach may be suitable for you. Because it was made of flax instead of lambskin. Both the color and material are gentle.

Whether you like the bright color or a little fresh style, you can find one you like best among the Marc Jacobs new designs in this year.

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