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off Appealing History: Another Asset of Diamond Worshiped by Lovers

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When people talk about diamond and refer to jewelry, their beauty, clarity, sparkle and cut are the central points of conversation. However, is the beauty is all about a diamond? Diamond can become representative of love and luxury jewelry not only because of its fabulous look but of its beautiful history which is full of myth and magic.

History of diamond can be traced back to 6000 years ago in India where it was first mined. At the very beginning, it was utilized to reflect light. Gradually, it was endowed with religious power. Buddhists and Hindus used it as talismans to drive off evil spirit and worship deities. Its role transformed greatly as time went by.

As to ancient Greeks, they regard diamond as living beings rather than as jewelry addition. In someone’s minds, diamond came from universe and is a piece of small part from a star. While others thought that diamond was the tear of God. Their Romans start wearing diamond in that they believe the stone possessed transform power.

Different from Buddhists and Hindus in India who regard diamond as religious talismans, Christians saw diamond as a supernatural gem. They wore it to drive off nightmares and heal wound and mental illness. They often held diamond in their hands and made cross sign before patients in an effort to ward off illness. Pope Clement VIII was a typical example of using supernatural power of diamond. He even ate fourteen spoonful pulverized diamonds to cure his deadly illness.

“Diamond”actually is named in modern English period. Ancient Greeks used “adamas” to refer to those things which are too hard to be broken. Diamond is the hardest substance on the earth. It has been symbol of eternity and love between lovers. It is so affected by lovers may be not because of its sparkle feature, but because it is infrequent part of a fallen star, the tip of Cupid’s arrow or the supernatural power that is worshiped by ancient people.

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