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The chanel built a exhibition named “ The secrets of the Chanel Handbag” in the 57th street headquarters shop in New York on May 8th.The exhibit mainly display Chanel’s symbolized classic style handbags and it last for 8 days. Chanel ,Gucci and many other well-known international brands jointly signed hold this exhibition mean to demonstrate the handbag’s developing history. Since handbag changes its original use and become a vital part of fashion it has been hundreds of years.

A woman, especially a mature woman who has already got a stable job may have a strong desire in buying and collecting all kinds of handbags to fit their essential shopping need and also to decorate clothing. In fact, handbag plays a such a important role in matching clothes that we won’t go to someplace until we got the right choice of handbag.Different occasion demands distinct style of handbags.Sometimes only by matching a classic style of handbag can fulfil many varied occasion.As you see, we can never ignore the importance of a handbag.

The fashion of handbags lit up in Paris after World War 1 and it has been experienced several characteristiced periods.Each period reflects separate times life style. The material of handbags change rapidly with fashion going. From cloth to animal leather ,nearly everyting possible are used to make up of a handbag.The diversity of handbags help to bring about its own colorful history.

Louis Vitton,Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Burberry ,Parada etc. All this famous international handbag brands provide a quantity of choices for woman.A handbag not only performance one’s taste but also present one’s status. It means great a lot to choose a right handbag for varied occasions. Well, beautiful lady, why are you still here? go ahead and choose a suitable handbag for your own. I believe that your wisdom would help you to find the best one which show your own style.

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