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0 The 2011 Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bags

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Louis Vuitton has reigned at the top of the designer handbags world for over a century. This company is literally handbag royalty. But royalty in fashion takes work to retain. A company needs to constantly produce top-of-the line and innovative designs in order to retain their status, or someone else may come along and knock them off their throne.

Louis Vuitton has no difficulty staying on its throne. Each year Louis Vuitton produces some of the world’s most beautiful and popular handbags. This year, the company has done it once again with its designer handbags for 2011. This year, Louis Vuitton has gone back to sophistication with its non-monogram bags. The Epi leather bags of 2011 are simple and super-sophisticated, showing the world that Louis Vuitton still knows how to do couture.

The Mirabeau bag is the first of this collection. This lovely bag is a top-close bag with a stiff shape made of glossy leather. The solid color and hard handles make the bag seem all the more smart. And, if that was not enough, the bag has a twist lock closure with the LV symbol embossed onto it. This bag is fairly small, measuring only a little over a foot in length and 9 inches in height. It comes in black, ivory or plum. This bag ranges a little under to a little over $2,000, depending on which color you choose.

A shoulder bag version of this bag is available as well. This version is slightly larger and the shape is not nearly as squared, but it is still very similar in design. The glossy leather, twist lock, and stiff handles are still seen on this version. But, it is over 14 inches wide and nearly a foot tall. This version also has a shoulder strap that can be removed. This bag ranges from about $2,250 to about $2,500, again depending on the color of the bag you choose. It comes in plum or black.

The Mirabeau bag made of Epi leather is a smart, sophisticated addition to the history of Louis Vuitton’s incredible bags. This unique bag is super-chic even though the design is fairly simple. The creativity is very subtle. With this bag, Louis Vuitton yet again retains its royalty in the world of designer handbags. For 2011, Louis Vuitton handbags returns to high fashion, showing that it still has a sophisticated touch. This company can do anything with a handbag.

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