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Hermes is a French fashion house. It is one of the prominent fashion houses in the world. Among all fashion house brands Hermes has become a most prominent one. It is one of the leaders of leather items. This fashion house was established in 1837 in Paris. Since then Hermes has been introducing new ideas and designs to its customer.

In the first stage the fashion house manufactured quality products for the European nobles and liked by them. From that time Hermes has become a typical representative of French luxury consumptions. The leather products with exclusive design differs Hermes handbags from the other brands. Hermes handbags are meticulously crafted by a well trained house staff.

Beautiful and variety of designs are available for Hermes handbags. Leather with best quality is used in making Hermes bags. There are different models of these branded handbags. Clou de selle is one of the most iconic. It is a medium size pouch with two foot long strap. The full package is made from the best quality lambskin. The TPM garden party bags come in different colors and have the chevron lining of canvas. The jypsiere shoulder bag is a beautiful piece that is available in deep blue or orange color. These are some of the collections for the women. There are some exclusive collections for men also available.

These bags are very much appropriate to attend parties as these are regarded as symbol of status. As a style icon Hermes handbags are famous worldwide. Victoria Beckham, wife of famous football-star David Beckham, regards Hermes brand as the first choice for her handbags. Many other stars are also fond of this brand. Hermes also honors this respect. They often name their product on the name of superstars. Birkin handbags are named after prominent French actress Jane Birkin.

If you want to have a stylish and high quality handbag then Hermes handbags would be the must choice for you.

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